A Detailed Guide

Should you decide that you would like to market your property with us the process is fairly simple. Your local Mialex property expert will contact you to organise a suitable time to visit the property you want to sell and advice you on documentation required. During this visit your Mialex property expert will:

Provide you with an informed estimation based on local property knowledge and discuss the price and pricing strategy for your property sale.

Take photographs of your property and write up notes to allow them to draft your property listing (if the weather is particularly bad, your agent may agree with you that they return another time to take photos of your property.)

Following the visit your Mialex property expert will send you your contract to sign and send. The contract document is, of course, in Portuguese; but we are happy to provide a non legally binding English translation. When we have received your correctly signed contract and supporting documentation your property listing go live on our website.


We work hard to get your property in front of potential purchasers as we believe this is the primary way of generating sales. We use a variety of different marketing tools that include:

Our websites

We view our websites as our shop windows and this is a strategy that proves very successful for our international client base.

Property exhibitions

The exhibitions timetable for 2017/18 will include UK, Holland and China. We also attend a number of international events.

Leading international property portals

To give wider coverage to your property listing, we work with targeted quality property portals.

We work with portals in a range of countries, these include (but are not limited to): Prime location, Zoopla, A Place in the Sun, Casa Sapo.

Partner Agencies

We work with several partners across Portugal and have representatives in China, UK and USA.

Through these associations we are able to promote your property listing to a wider range of potential purchasers.


The photographs included in the listing of your property are extremely important in attracting potential buyers. It is for this reason that, whenever possible, we like to have your property pictured with a blue sky, well lit and showing off the most beautiful features. All Mialex property experts are trained in property photography.


It is helpful if you are able to gather the following documentation prior to your Mialex property experts visit. Don’t worry though the team will support you in acquiring any missing documentation! The sooner we have all the information the sooner we can start to market your property to our clients.

  • Copy of Passport or ID card
  • Fiscal Number
  • Certidão do Registo Predial – Land Registry Certificate

You can request a permanent land record certificate and simplified land information through the Predial Online website:

  • Caderneta Predial  or Caderneta Rustica – Financial Certificate

This document may be requested from any tax office (finanças) or via the tax authority website:

  • Licença de Habitação/Utilização –  Habitation Licence

This is to certify that the house is build according the building regulations and match architectural drawings approved by the Townhall (Câmara Municipal) For buildings other than a house a Usage licence (Licença de Utilização) is needed. These documents are obtained from the council (Camara).

  • Pre-1951 Certificate

A pre-1951 certificate is normally provided by the local council for buildings constructed before 1951.

  • Plans

All properties that have a habitation license will have plans filed at the local council.

  • Ficha Técnical

This only needed for houses constructed after 30th of March 2004

  • Certificado Energético – Energy Rating Certificate. 

This must be carried out by a certified engineer and it describes the efficiency of insulation and heat elements of the property. Your Mialex property expert can help you to arrange this if you do not yet have one.

  • Borehole and Septic tank license

If the property has these facilities a license must be presented.


Once an interested purchaser has been found for your property, they will make an offer. We advise our clients that they should only ever make an offer on one property at a time and should stop viewing other properties as soon as an offer is made. In the same way, we urge vendors to feel committed to a purchaser once an offer has been agreed and to stop showing the property to other potential purchasers. Your Mialex property expert will handle the negotiation and will keep all parties informed as the process progresses. It is possible that a purchaser may want to include some conditions, such as needing a mortgage to finance the purchase or applying for planning permission to put in a swimming pool. This is quite a normal part of the negotiation process and conditions can be written into the initial promissory agreement. As soon as the sale has been agreed, your Mialex agent will begin putting together all the necessary paperwork.


As soon as you accept an offer either at full asking price or a negotiated price, the initial sales document will be drawn up. This is called the Promissory Contract.

This is a legally binding contract and it is essential that you understand it fully prior to signing it.

You will be asked to provide some information for inclusion in this document such as full names, marital status etc. Work on the document cannot commence until you have provided this information, so you should do so as quickly as you can.

At this stage, you should be entirely happy with the conditions once the contract has been signed by the buyer the deposit amount will be paid to you as the vendor this amount can be anywhere from 10-30% of the property purchase price.

In the event that you change your mind after signing this contract, you must return the double the deposit amount to the buyer.


Usually around three months after the signing of the promissory contract the lawyer will have undertaken all of the necessary work and you will have agreed a date for the final signing of the deeds. This will take place in Portugal, at the designated notary office. Once this final document is signed, you will no longer be the owner of the property and will hand the keys over to the buyers at the meeting.


There may come a point when you decide that you want to reduce the price of your property to stimulate more interest from clients. Contact your Mialex property expert to inform them of your decision.